New Music – Summer Time Storms!

Summer Storms in C Minor


I’ve been listening to allot of Beethoven lately – what an amazing composer. This piece is a bit of a homage to his Piano music.

In this piece, I’m playing around with diminished chords. They are really useful if you want to modulate (change key) to distant keys. They act as a sort of a pivot or bridge.

I do hope you like it. I would love some feedback. Its a fairly challenging piece and fun to play  – I do have the sheet music if your interested!

New Music!

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5 Replies to “New Music – Summer Time Storms!”

  1. As an artist, photographer and dancer I find that your music frees my mind to create. I am not a composer nor pianist/musician, so I can never know where it is going next, to me I feel there are no rules though there are! And that pleases my creative side. There are surprises in this piece which I like, it reminds me of the smell and feel that you get before the summer storm.

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