Piano score – Summer Storms

Summer Storms in  an impressionistic and dramatic intermediate solo Piano piece probably  influenced by Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas.

To play it well, practice your scales and arpeggios!

In this music, I play around with diminished chords. They are really useful if you want to modulate (change key) to distant keys. They act as a sort of a pivot or bridge.

A sample of the first page can be seen below.  The complete piece can be purchased online from SMP Press.


How did this piece begin?

How did this piece begin you may ask? The main idea for this piece is the G minor riff heard in the first 8 bars.  (A)

Part A – The exposition

The next 8 bars are a staccato theme in G minor. (B)   When this finished the music  modulates to a flowing theme in Bb (C)  ( the relative major).  The whole exposition is then repeated and changes key to D minor.

Part  B – The Development

The development section of a classical piece is what creates dramatic interest and contrast.

At bar 28  the opening riff  is reiterated in D minor.  Then, it modulates dramatically using diminished chords and ends up in the key of Eb major.

Bar 41 starts a new slow nostalgic and hymn like theme in Eb. (D) This theme is then modulated to the key of A major and develops both melodically and in the accompaniment.

At bar 76 the riff reappears  and modulates the music back to D minor.
Next, we develop the staccato theme quoting both it and it the riff. Bar 96 starts another modulation transition as we use a D7 and G7 chord to change key to C minor.

Bar 100 is a repeat of the previous development idea but now in C minor. It finishes with some diminished chords arriving back the key of G minor.

Part A –  The Recapitulation

At bar 115 the music repeats from the beginning and ends on a  short coda at bar 118.



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