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Paul Noble at work composing at home

My name is Paul Noble and I am a composer of solo classical Piano music that is  both tuneful and dramatic.  I live in Gosport UK.

From an early age, I have always wanted to be a composer; I made several attempts to start writing music when I was 16.

At the same time, I started getting interested in classical music and over the years listened to most  of the repertoire!  I do like other kinds of music though, whose influences you will hear in my music: jazz, rock music, pop and christian music.

Additionally, I began learning the Violin and got to grade 8 in about 5 years.

A few decades later, I am actually fulfilling that ambition, having successfully achieved a 2:1 degree in music and related arts at Chichester University and learning the Piano to a grade 8 standard at the same time: I did have Piano lessons at age 10 but gave up after a couple of years!

I write and improvise music every day and have currently finished recording and releasing my first Album of Piano pieces called Inspired: see below.

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If you like my music, I hope you do, please tell your friends and like me on Facebook. Give me some positive feedback.

Additionally, I need your help and support. I love to play my music live, so if your have a half-decent Piano why not invite me to play at your event, house or church?

Another way you can help is becoming a patron by donating just a dollar a month! Not much but it could make all the difference. See here for more details: www.patreon.com/paulnoblecomposer

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